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Like most people in the paranormal field I've been interested in ghosts and strange phenomena since I was young.  Until 2006 I had never thought about being a "ghost hunter", but a few things in the recent media at the time spiked my interest and seemed like something to do once in a while as a hobby.  Then after joining a paranormal group, a part time hobby quickly turned into a part time job going on cases and reviewing evidence.  Even though it seemed like work, the end result was worth it seeing and hearing the final evidence collected.

I had devoted over a year to another paranormal group I was highly involved with, and decided to take another direction and start The Hauntings Investigators of Northern Kentucky.  With that group I was a lead investigator and tech specialist on over twenty different investigations.  Most of which were homes and a few were businesses.  Working with the equipment, visiting interesting homes,  and meeting interesting people really makes this a great job to have.

I wish I could tell you all the stories I collected from the time I've investigated, but it would take a long time.  It's surprising how much paranormal activity there is in the Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio area.

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