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  Case File # 7 - Covington, KY 10/23/10


A historical building located in Covington, KY.  According to the history provided to us by the homeowner, this building/home has had many different purposes.  Including being a private home, temporary firehouse, a small market, and possibly city hall and Civil War hospital.  At the very least, we know five people have passed away there.  There are more reported deaths, but have not been able to find the records yet to confirm how many or who.

Paranormal Reports

Most of the reports from this home are auditory related.  Sounds of footsteps on floors of the building were no one is.  The attic door seems to move on it's own and make a noise like it's being rattled.  In the bedroom where a man (supposedly) took his own life, a man's face had been seen in the window. Also, the front door has been heard to open on it's own, and the handle rattled.


Night of 10/23/10

We had a four person team this night. Tony, Abby, Robert, and myself. Robert and I made up one team, and we started off upstairs in the living room.  Abby and Tony were the second team and began on the first floor in the dining room. 

Robert and myself performed an EVP session upstairs in the living room for about an hour, while doing EMF sweeps.  The gauss meter was turned on and continuously registered a high reading throughout the room.  The house's wiring seemed to set off all the meters in this manner in most of the rooms of the house.  So most EMF readings had to be disregarded.  While Robert and I were doing this first EVP session we did try something new for us.  We kept a lit candle in the room and asked whomever may be there to blow it out, or to make it flicker.  Unfortunately no results came of it.

Tony and Abby performed an EVP session as well using the lit candle in the dinning area as well.  With the same results.  Another new thing we tried this night, was to have a white board with messages written on it.  The message asking whomever may be there to make themselves known, just like would normally be asked during EVP sessions. 

After these first initial sessions, we left the building empty and stayed outside to let all audio and video recorders go uncompromised for some time.  This is something we repeated off and on through the night.

Later Robert and I spent time in the Library and the ball room on the first floor.  Tony and Abby would go to the second floor and spend time in the bedroom.  Robert and I did not experience anything in either of these rooms during the time we were there.  Tony and Abby did seem to have activity in the bedroom upstairs.  While doing EVP with a cell censor EMF meter, the meter did seem to respond to questions Tony was asking.

Afterwards, we all grouped together and headed to the attic.  Nothing to report from here.

And at the end of the night while we were breaking down equipment to pack up for the night, things seemed to get active in the dining room.  So we set up in the dining area; three audio recorders, two video cameras, a laser grid, the lit candle, a "radio shack hack" Frank's box, and took a ton of photos. 

Overall it was a good investigation, and we collected about sixty hours of evidence to go over. 

As of 11/6/10

We have reviewed almost all of the audio collected from this investigation.  Some interesting hits have come up, and we look forward to what video will have to show us.

As of 11/13/10

Evidence has been reviewed ant the findings given to the homeowner.  Though we captured no evidence on video or photo, we did have a large amount of audio hits.  Most of these audio hits were indiscernible voices and whispers when nobody from the team was around.  This house definitely seems to have activity in it.  Though the current owner, or ourselves have not seen it manifest in a physical manner, other than rattling doors.

It seems to be the master bedroom and dining area are the most active in this building.  These two rooms are where we caught most of the EVPs. 

As far a personal experiences go in the home.  We have been to this home three times; once for the pre-investigation interview, the investigation, and the reveal.  During the pre-investigation interview while upstairs and the homeowner was talking, we could hear what sounded like the front door being opened and closed.  This also occurred while we were setting up for the investigation.  Tony and Robert were in the dining room just a few feet away from the front door when it sounded like someone was trying to come in.  They immediately checked the door and outside for a person.  They did not find one.




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