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  Case File # 6


The historic Crump Theatre located in Columbus, IN.  A small theatre built in the late 1800's, the Crump Theatre has a long history.

Paranormal Reports

We were not told of any specific paranormal activity in any particular area of the building.  We only know there has been activity reported, and some EVPs have been captured in the auditorium.


Night of 7/17/10

Lead investigator Tony, trainee Abby, and myself along with New Life Paranormal spent roughly six to seven hours inside the Crump Theatre. It was a hot night to say the least in this old building with no A/C and only one running floor fan in the lobby.  We had hoped to get started right after a quick supper. Unfortunately, after both teams had our equipment set up and ready to "go dark", we quickly found that turning the lights out would prove difficult.  It seemed we couldn't turn one light off, without another coming on.  But eventually we figured it out and the investigation began.  THINK began in the basement, and New Life began on the second floor.

Both teams spent roughly just over an hour in our separate locations.  We did not experience anything unusual in the basement,  and New Life did not report anything from the second floor.

After this first leg of the investigation we decided to set up as many recording devices inside the auditorium as we could.  Then we all would go outside and leave the building vacant for about twenty minutes.  In doing so, if we were to capture EVPs at this time they would be un-contaminated.

Following this empty building session, everyone returned into the auditorium for an EVP session.  This lasted a little over an hour or so. 

No personal experiences were reported during the night of the investigation.  It was a quiet night inside this interesting old theatre.  Hopefully upon reviewing the large amount of evidence collected by both groups, we will have something interesting to report.



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