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Case File #5 - Ludlow, KY


The Ludlow Fire House

Ludlow Fire Department was established in 1923 and served as a fully functional city building. The building was used as an old police department, fire department, mayors quarters, and jail. The men's and women's restrooms today housed past criminals. Supposedly a few people had hung themselves in their cells.

Paranormal Reports

Sounds of jingling keys can be heard down hallways, shadows, kids playing in the hallway, and footsteps on the staircase leading to the sleep quarters. An ex-chief was in the coat room between 11-12pm where he was asked for an application for employment. On the chief's way back from grabbing an application for him, the guy was no longer there. There was no evidence of anyone leaving the building and the guy had no time to be able to leave the building without being noticed. Lt. Randy McCauley has experienced a shadow standing right behind him as well as footsteps on staircases. President Ken has had experiences himself as well. Other firefighters / EMT's state that these are common occurrences and can happen almost nightly.  



Night of 6/5/10

The night in the Fire House seemed quiet with not much activity, or personal experiences from our team.  The other two teams did claim movement of two different doors in separate locations, at different times. 

Currently we are reviewing our audio/video from that night.  Even though it seemed to be a night that would not yield much results for evidence, we have already found some of the best audio hits we've captured. 

More to come...

As of 7/22/10

THINK has reviewed all evidence collected from the Fire House taken that night.  For what was a mostly quiet night, we did collect a few good pieces of audio from this investigation.  The audio does seem to validate the claims made by those who have witnessed activity inside this building.  I will report more on the audio after a final reveal has been done with the client on this investigation.



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