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  Case File #4


We will be able to investigate the historic Music Hall located in Cincinnati, OH as part of the paranormal convention being held there.  (Queen City ParaCon)  Music Hall theater was dedicated in 1878, and was recognized as a national landmark in 1975.  It was built on a location that was used as pauper's grave.  It was also the location of an orphan's home that eventually became known as "The Pest House" when the city started using it to isolate people with infectious diseases.

The Music Hall has an interesting history.  To learn more about Music Hall please visit their preservation website or the Wikipedia page.  I would also read the section about Music Hall found in  "Ghost Hunting Ohio" by John Kachuba.


Paranormal Reports

There have been too many incidents at Music Hall to report here.  If you would like to learn more about the paranormal activity reported at Music Hall, please follow the links above.



During this investigation it was a mostly quiet night.  It was a great experience to be able to explore such an interesting location as this.  We were lucky enough to meet one of the security guards who was more than happy to show us back rooms the public never gets to see.  He also shared some of his experiences with us as well.

We did hear some noise in the main auditorium that seemed out of place, but it's hard to tell if it was paranormal or other people further backstage.

The only piece of evidence we caught that cannot be explained was a strange noise captured in the Corbett Tower.  The noise actually sounds like a pot being clanged once.  The strange thing about the noise is right before it happens, there seems to be a voice.  Even stranger is that this incident was captured on three different devices, and the possible voice sounds different on all three.  It's still not definitive enough to call an EVP, but it was out of place and very interesting.



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