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  Case File #3 - Ft. Thomas, KY 1/6/10


A duplex apartment located in Fort Thomas, KY

Paranormal Reports

Many different reports have come from the current tenants of this building.  There have been loud knocking sounds on the walls, a shadow person, and a couple of different apparitions reported.


As of 1/16/10

Lead investigator Tony, trainees Abby and Cyan, and myself were in this single duplex for about five hours.  We were also joined by the current residents of this dwelling.  In this time we did not have any personal experiences that we feel can be contributed to paranormal activity.  At one point while doing an EVP/EMF Q&A session in the kitchen we did have high spikes that seemed to be responding to questions I was asking.  After further investigation during the night we found a large electrical wire (found to have high EMF readings) runs the length of the basement directly below where the EMF meter was sitting.  So this experience was credited as a natural cause and not paranormal. 

There were high EMF levels found throughout this location, all contributed to wiring located in the walls and floor.  When the furnace starts up, it does cause some knocking sounds within the walls.  This may be the knocking sound the residents have heard in the wall.  Overall THINK paranormal did not experience any definitive paranormal activity the night of this investigation.

THINK was able to document a few unexplainable events on audio.  This does lead us to conclude there may be paranormal activity in this residence.  However, we would not declare this site to be haunted.

One possible EVP was captured on Tony's digital audio recorder.  We cannot make out what it says if anything.  It is just a sound or voice that seemed out of place during the playback.  Two possible EVP's were captured in the child's room on the digital video camera. 





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