The Hauntings Investigators of Northern Kentucky

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  Case File #2 - Covington, KY


A historic three stories brick home built in late 1800's.  Currently it is undergoing a full renovation under new ownership.  The building is no longer a residence, but has been used as office space in the upper floors, and small shops on the ground floor.

Paranormal Reports

For many years the building was home to a military antique shop on the ground floor.  At one point the owner of the shop began staying overnight due to recent break ins.  The owner reports that at night roughly at the same time,  footsteps can be heard upstairs.  This happened on more than one occasion when he was the only one in the building.  He also reports that at least once the footsteps started upstairs, came down the stairs, into the room he was in, and stopped in front of the couch he was laying on.  Similar reports about the footsteps in the night have been made by other people staying late in the building as well.





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