The Hauntings Investigators of Northern Kentucky

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  Case File #1 - Fort Thomas, KY - 8/15/09


A family home located in Ft. Thomas, KY

Paranormal Reports

A few different occurrences have been reported by the family members living in this house.  Things such as knocks on doors, faces in windows, and cold spots throughout the home.


As of 5/30/09

We have yet to do a full investigation on this home, but I did spend a couple days in the basement here.  I did have an experience the first night I was there.  While sitting in the basement,  I felt a cold spot surrounding me.  I stuck my arms out and felt it all around.  It actually lasted about thirty or forty seconds.  There were no windows open, and no air/heat running in the home.  This was the first "cold spot" I could not explain at all.  It wasn't a breeze going through the room, there were two other people in the room and they did not notice it.  It just seemed to hang around me for that short time.  A little later in the evening one other person had the same experience.

As of 8/11/09

Lead investigator Rob Long and investigator in training Robert Roettger, spent three and a half hours on a partial investigation in the basement of this home.  Numerous EVP's were captured with multiple EMF spikes, and noticeable temperature changes.   No photographic or video evidence was captured.  Rob L. captured a very clear EVP that seems to say "Don't shoot me."  This was captured while Rob L. was taking temperature readings with an IR thermometer that looks like a gun.  A full investigation will take place on 8/15/09.

As of 8/15/09

Lead investigator Tony, trainee Robert, and myself spent around four hours in this home.  No definite evidence was captured during this short investigation.  Some possible EVP's were captured, but not clear enough to call concrete.  We did find that this home has strange EMF readings throughout the first floor and basement.  There were high spikes in areas where no electricity was near.  There were also strange temperature fluctuations in the basement.  The temp seemed to go up and down by around five to eight degrees.  One strange occurrence was, I went upstairs to check a video recorder, while Tony and Robert stayed in the basement.  While I was away the temp returned to the original base reading.  When I returned to basement the temp dropped again suddenly about eight degrees. 

All three of us did experience something we had not before.  We were sitting quietly in the basement with all lights off.  This room was completely black except one covered window that you could only see a slight glow from outside lights.  All at the same time we all saw the same thing in a different way.  All three of us said "Did you just see that too?", and we did.  This dark room got darker.  To me it looked like a blanket of darkness swept from left to right across the room.  Tony said it looked like it went right to left, and Robert said it went from near him towards us.  Also I felt a coldness sweep past my legs and I got goose bumps on them, but didn't say that at the time.  Later in discussion Tony said he felt just his legs get cold when the room got darker, and I shared that I had felt it the same way too.  Suffice to say, this was an interesting experience.



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